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Obtaining the US citizenship is at your fingertips

BLUE SKY INSURANCE & IMMIGRATION SERVICES, in Miami, provides citizenship services to people willing to obtain this much-coveted title.

Citizenship services Miami

Who Can Obtain The US Citizenship?

There are 2 ways to get the American passport. Either you were born in the US territory which entitles to the US nationality by birth, or if you are a foreigner, and you can become a US citizen through the naturalization process.

If you are not born in the USA and none of your parents is American, you still can get the American citizenship through the naturalization process. This process formalizes the relationship between the individual and the United States. The naturalization process is opened to all the foreigners who entered legally in the country. After 5 years of residency, any green card holder or temporary visa holder can apply for US citizenship. BLUE SKY INSURANCE & IMMIGRATION SERVICES can assist you in the process so that your application goes through as smoothly as possible.

Get your US citizenship as smoothly as possible

It's Easier Than You Think

Becoming a US citizen can be easier than you think with the assistance of BLUE SKY INSURANCE & IMMIGRATION SERVICES. Our agency, based in Miami, provides you with all the required documentations to help you in the naturalization process.

Our citizenship services team will help you determine if you are eligible to become a US citizen. If your profile meets the requirements, we will help you through the whole application process with dedication and professionalism.

Citizenship services Miami

We will help you determine your eligibility



  • A reliable agency
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  • Accompanying you from A to Z in the naturalization process
  • All immigration services in one place

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