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Florida laws require all car owners to hold an auto insurance to cover for accidents and other damages.

Located in Miami, BLUE SKY INSURANCE AND IMMIGRATION SERVICES provides a range of auto insurance packages to cover your vehicle.

Auto insurance Miami

An Insurance Provider You Can Rely Upon

Along with immigration services, BLUE SKY INSURANCE & IMMIGRATION SERVICES offers auto insurance services to cover your car for most damage. We fully understand that each person has his/her own specific needs, we thus provide a wide range of auto insurance packages, from basic to full. Our auto insurance packages are tailored to your own needs and caters for your individual requirements.

With the help of our experts, you will be able to determine which insurance package is made for you.

An auto insurance tailored to your needs

The Partner For Your First Weeks In The US

BLUE SKY INSURANCE AND IMMIGRATION SERVICES has a team of experts who will accompany you during your first weeks in the US. We are fully away of the challenges involved when settling in a new country. To help you adjust to the new life and environment, we provide, along with auto insurance covers, a range of other insurance covers, including health, dental and life insurances.

Our team is available every day of the week from Monday to Friday to help you decide on the package that is most suitable to your specific needs, budget and requirements.

Auto insurance Miami

We provide a range of insurance packages


Why place your trust on Blue Sky Insurance and Immigration Services?

  • Fast quotes for your car
  • Multiple service agency
  • Covers adapted to your situation
  • All Services in one place

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